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Dad flies to Poland to find missing son safe and well

AN IRELAND fan who went missing at the Euros has turned up safe and sound after his father flew out to track him down.

Fears grew for the 20-year-old student from Dublin after he went missing following the Croatia match and his father immediately jetted out to Poznan help find him.

Matthew Jordan (20), from Drynham Road in Swords hadn't been in touch with his family at home since the opening Euro 2012 game for Ireland, and his pals hadn't seen him either.

Matthew, who is a student in Dun Laoghaire, had travelled to Poznan from Torun with his friends Sean McKiernan and Niall Byrne.

But became detached from them.


He was spotted on the pitch before the match against Croatia.

He was last seen by his friends at about midnight near the 2FM Roadcaster near the Dubliner Bar.

But he was in the company of a different group of Irish fans.

Concerned dad Alan Jordan flew out to Poznan yesterday and trecked form pub to pub and hotel to campsite with a picture of Matthew on his mobile phone.

And his efforts paid off at 1am this morning when he was directed to a campsite where it was thought Matthew might be staying.

"I had been all around the pubs and people did recognise the photo and said he had been with different groups of people," a relieved Alan told the Herald from Poznan this morning.

"Eventually I was directed to a campsite, and as I was getting out of a taxi I saw him across the road, and he just said 'howiya, dad?'."

Alan said his son Matthew lost the run of himself.


But he now plans to get him back on track and bring him home.

"He just got a bit over-excited, he lost everything, and didn't think straight."

"But I'll get him home now where we can keep an eye on him."

Alan said the Irish consular officials, the police, and all the Irish fans were a huge help in the search for Matthew.

"I want to thank them all. They were telling me all the things a dad needs to hear when they are in that situation.

"They were very re-assuring."

"Myself and my wife Sylvia were very concerned, as any parent knows, but thank God it all worked out ok."