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Dad distraught as 12 families left without homes

A DISTRAUGHT father broke down yesterday as he and his 13-year-old daughter were left homeless.

Sergejus Stredkodas (44) and his daughter, Alika, were among 12 families who had to leave their homes on the South Circular Road in Dublin.

The families, with children ranging from three months to 13 years, had lived in two adjoining houses.

It was unclear last night why the families had to leave, and the authorities would not comment on individual cases.

Last night, the families had to be moved into emergency accommodation at a reception centre in the Charlestown Shopping Centre in Finglas.

Sergejus Stredkodas told the


“I feel very emotional. She wanted to know how she will get to school because she goes to school in Tallaght. I had to tell her she can’t get there from the emergency accommodation.”

Mr Stredkodas came to Ireland from Lithuania in 2004 and had been employed as a driver up to 2009, when he lost his job. He has been on Jobseekers’ Allowance since then.

The Lithuanian national explained that the other families involved were from Nigeria, Ukraine and South Africa.

He said they had been told yesterday morning that they could no longer stay in the houses and would have to move immediately.

Mr Stredkodas described how everyone had to pack all their belongings into bags in a hurry to move them to Charlestown.

“We had hardly any notice at all. Suddenly, the buses were waiting outside and we were all trying to put everything into the bags.”

He said when they went to the Homeless Services Unit they were told they would “get cheques to pay for emergency accommodation” but then were told buses would take us to the place in Charlestown.

“Some of the people are to get their usual payments tomorrow at the Post Office on the South Circular Road but they do not have the bus fare to get there from Finglas,” he said.

Mr Stredkodas said the families had “no idea how long we will be in the emergency accommodation.


“We have been told if we have a problem we will have to ask the Department of Justice because they are in charge of the emergency accommodation.

“Why couldn’t they put me in Tallaght somewhere so my daughter could go to school?

“I can’t take and collect her on a bus and the Luas every day to get to school.”

The Lithuanian national had been living on the South Circular Road for the past eight months where he shared a room with his daughter.

A spokesperson for the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive when contacted by the

The spokesperson declined to give any further details about the families.