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Dad delivers his baby girl on New Year's day

ONE of the first babies of the new year was delivered by her father in a dramatic home delivery, 10 days before the due date.

Robyn Gahan Darcy was delivered by her dad John Gahan in a bedroom at the family home in Tinahely, Co Carlow, at 3am on New Year's Day.

Her mum Margaret Darcy, went into a shock labour after she experienced slight pains on New Year's Eve, and Robyn arrived just five minutes after Margaret's waters broke.


"At around 2.30am or 2.45am, Margaret woke with pains and she was dying with the thirst as well," John told the Herald.

"She was standing in the kitchen getting her drink of water and the next thing, her waters broke.

"She only made it about half way through the hall before she was on her knees on the floor."

John was asleep at the time and he woke when he heard Margaret in distress, but he calmly proceeded to help her.

"I brought her into the bedroom and sat her on the edge of the bed, and just as the baby was coming out, I put out my hand under the baby, and little Robyn popped out and fell into my arms.

"I wrapped Robyn in blankets and put her close to Margaret's chest."

The shock delivery was such a calm affair that Margaret's daughter Anna (3) slept in the bed while the birth took place.

"Anna was lying in the bed the whole time and she never heard a thing," insisted John.

But he added: "The two of us were just afraid of hurting the baby, that was our biggest fear, and Margaret was afraid of moving the cord in case it would break or something."

Robyn, aptly named because of her festive birth, weighed in at 7lbs, 15ozs, and baby and her mum came home from Holles Street Hospital on Saturday.

The couple was originally scheduled to attend St Luke's in nearby Kilkenny, but had to travel to Holles Street due to the snow.


John said: "After I put Robyn in Margaret's arms, I went over to the neighbours and they went down to get the midwife, and she came down and cut the cord."

John said they were indebted to neighbours Pat and Ann Kealy, who immediately came over to lend a hand, and Rena Byrne, a qualified midwife, and her husband John, an ambulance driver.