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Dad 'busy sexting' as baby died
in hot car

US prosecutors say a man unhappy in his marriage exchanged nude photos with several women as his son died in a hot vehicle.

Justin Ross Harris (33), faces murder and child cruelty charges in the death of his 22-month-old son Cooper, who police say was left in a vehicle for about seven hours on a day when temperatures in the Atlanta area reached at least into the high 80s.

A judge declined at the end of the hearing to grant Harris bail.

Harris told police that on the day of the boy's death, he had watched cartoons in bed with Cooper, then had breakfast with him at a restaurant.

Harris told police he forgot to drop the boy off at day care, instead driving straight to work.

Harris told police he realised the boy was still in the car as he drove to the movies after work.

But a detective said Harris never called for help but was on his phone when officers arrived.


Harris twice refused an officer's request to get off the phone and was arrested when he used profanity.

Harris showed no emotion while being interviewed by investigators.

Evidence uncovered by investigators shows Harris was unhappy in his marriage and was practically leading a double life.

He was allegedly exchanging nude photos with several women, including at least one teenager, even on the day his son died when he was at work, police said.