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Dad battered with golf club in front of kids

A FATHER was "battered" with a golf club and metal pole in front of his screaming children amid a bitter feud between two families, a court heard.

Sulaimon Awesu was bludgeoned by brothers John (35) and Thomas Joyce (30) on the street, while two of their sisters trashed his car.

Donna Joyce (34) hurled a brick at Mr Awesu's car after punching his bleeding face. Kathy Joyce then "finished the job" on the vehicle by smashing the cracked windscreen with a makeup bottle.

Their other sister, Tracy Joyce, pulled Mr Awesu's wife's hair during the incident at Glenshane Crescent, Tallaght on June 13, 2013.

The five siblings were convicted at Dublin District Court of their part in the attack, during which three of the victim's children cried in terror in the car.

The two families had been friends before a falling out when things went "pear shaped."

John Joyce of Glenshane Crescent, Tallaght and Thomas Joyce of Fortune's Walk, City West were both charged with assault causing harm to Mr Awesu.

Thomas was also charged with possession of a golf club as a weapon and John with having a pole or club. Judge Michael Coghlan adjourned their cases for community service suitability reports.

Donna Joyce of Glenshane Crescent was charged with common assault on Mr Awesu and causing criminal damage to his car. Tracy Joyce (31) of Glenshane Crescent was charged with common assault on Mr Awesu's wife, Lisa O'Brien.


Both women were bound to the peace for two years, while Donna Joyce was also fined €250.

The four had all denied the charges against them and were found guilty after a trial.

Kathy Joyce (30) of Sundale Avenue admitted one count of criminal damage to the car and was fined €250.

The court heard events began outside Kiltalown Post Office with an exchange in which the victim alleged Kathy Joyce called him a "black monkey" and told him to go back to his own country with his children. She denied any racist abuse.

There was a spitting exchange in which each said the other spat first. The Joyces alleged their mother, Kathleen, was hit with spittle.

Shortly after, a car pulled up and the Joyce brothers got out. One swung a golf club and the other a pole, hitting Mr Awesu's car.

They then began swinging the implements at him, hitting his head and face, which required stitches afterwards.

He admitted swinging punches and that John Joyce fell to the ground.

Ms O'Brien pleaded with them to stop and Tracy grabbed her by the hair.

Judge Coghlan said there had been bad behaviour on both sides but the Joyces were authors of their own misfortune.