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D4 knife-killer walks free after six years jail

A CONVICTED knife killer, from a well-off south Dublin family, has been released from prison after serving six years for manslaughter.

Finn Colclough (24) was involved in a drunken altercation outside his parents' home on Waterloo Road in Dublin 4, in May 2007.

At time the then 17-year-old Colclough stabbed to death 18-year-old Sean Nolan, from Fairview, who was celebrating his graduation from St Joseph's CBS with friends on the night.

Colclough was given a 10-year sentence in 2008 for manslaughter, a term that was reduced to eight years on appeal.


He was released yesterday with 25pc remission of his sentence and was collected by his dad John from Dublin's Wheatfield Prison.

Colclough's mother is celebrity chef Alix Gardiner, who runs a successful cookery school from her Waterloo Road home.

Earlier this month Colclough was moved to a stricter prison after he was involved in an altercation with a friend while on temporary release from Shelton Abbey open prison.

When he returned to the jail he had a black eye and several cuts to his face, and had received a severe beating. He was wearing sunglasses and initially refused to take them off.

A decision was made that he should be transferred to a stricter prison and he was sent to Wheatfield in west Dublin to serve out the remainder of his sentence.

It is understood that he is planning a move to England, now that he has been released.

Colclough was originally charged with murder following the stabbing in the early hours of the morning on May 26, 2007.

Colclough had been at a 21st birthday and had taken a lot of alcohol and also smoked a joint.

Mr Nolan had been to clubs and nightclubs celebrating the graduation before ending up in a nightclub on Leeson Street. On leaving this club, he and two friends went in search of a party.

Mr Nolan had the idea of contacting a girl that he knew lived in the Waterloo Road area, and they bought a bottle of wine in a Maxol garage en route.


When they came across Colclough and his friends on Waterloo Road, they asked for directions to this girl's house.

Colclough's friends told the trial that Mr Nolan and his friends were "aggressive" and "swearing".

But Mr Nolan's friends said the meeting was "friendly" and there were no problems.

Mr Nolan's friends had trouble opening a bottle of wine and they decided to go back to Colclough and his friends to ask for a bottle opener.

"We seen a person inside the window so we decided to call them out," Eric Treacy, Mr Nolan's friend, told the court. "We were waving."

The court heard that a friend told Colclough the men were outside his house and he replied "oh shit".

Another friend went outside to tell Mr Nolan and his friends to move on, but Colclough ran from the house with a kitchen knife in each hand shouting "get the f*ck away from my house".

Mr Nolan stepped forward and "squared up" to Colclough, and then a brief struggle ensued.

Mr Nolan stepped back holding his chest and said "I've been stabbed," before falling to the ground.

Colclough went into the house and washed the blood off his hands and the knife, which he said slipped into the sink. He told gardai he had not meant to clean the knife.

An ambulance was called and witnesses described how Mr Nolan became pale before growing grey.

The victim was dead on arrival at St Vincent's Hospital at 4am. It was noted he had turned a blue colour at that stage.