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d100bn deposits lost from banks

THE Central Bank has published the first data detailing the loss of deposits and the rise in financial supports for lenders covered by the Government guarantee scheme.

The figures revealed the performance of AIB, Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB, EBS, Irish Nationwide and Anglo Irish Bank as one group for the first time.

The six banks covered by the Government guarantee scheme lost another €17bn in deposits in January, bringing the deposit exodus since the start of last year to just over €100bn.

However, three-quarters of January's deposit fall is believed to relate to accounting manoeuvres between the banks.

Deposits from outside the euro area plunged from €154bn at the start of 2010 to €88bn at the end of January.

Irish deposits accounted for the second biggest drop, falling from €252bn at the start of 2010 to just over €225bn at the end of January, including a €9bn fall in January alone. Private-sector deposits fell about €20bn to €112bn over the 13 months.