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Cutbacks hit volunteer beach clean-ups

cutbacks are so drastic that Dublin City Council can no longer provide a tractor to help with weekend beach clean-ups.

It is a blow to volunteers of the Bull Island Action Group which had the tractor and trailer to help clean Dollymount Strand on Saturdays.

The group had been clearing rubbish from the popular swim spot on a voluntary basis.

However, the council had provided the local residents with equipment to help them.

The volunteers told the local authority they had a "core group of willing citizens who clean Dollymount beach voluntarily on a regular basis".

"We work in partnership with DCC workers," the action group said.


"We collect the rubbish, put it in bags and the routine has been that the DCC workers then transport it off the beach."

"Now we believe, because of cutbacks, we will no longer have the DCC tractor working with us, which is a real shame as this partnership approach could be threatened or finished."

Fianna Fail councillor Deirdre Heney asked the council to "confirm the partnership approach between the Bull Island Action Group and Dublin City Council" will remain.

In a question tabled for the North Central Area Committee, Ms Heney called on the local authority to clarify if the regular beach clean-ups "will be allowed to continue".

In reply, the council confirmed the arrangement had to be brought to an end after the ban on overtime at the local authority.

"Due to limited resources at present, it is not possible for the parks and landscape services to offer the facility of a tractor and trailer on the Saturdays in question as in the past this was carried out by overtime," the council said.