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Cut-price Easter eggs...great for the wallet, bad for the waistline

CUT-price supermarket deals on Easter eggs should not lead to people overdulging, dieticians have warned.

Parents are being tempted to buy more Easter eggs than ever -- thanks to low cost deals at leading retailers.

Some supermarkets are offering three Easter eggs for €5 in the run-up to the holiday next week.

WeightWatchers say parents should give away confectionary if they find themselves with too much chocolate.

Margaret Burke, of WeightWatchers, said: "If you have a lot of Easter eggs left when Easter is over, you should move them on, give them away," she said. Easter eggs have been spotted on the shelves since early January this year, rapidly replacing Christmas tinsel.

And as businesses move to get rid of all Easter-related products this week, parents may be willing to buy more chocolate eggs and bunnies for their children than usual.

Consultant dietician Sarah Keogh said people may be tempted to buy more Easter eggs due to the proliferation of cheap deals.

But she said: "People do eat chocolate around Easter. It is up to parents to decide how much their children get." Sarah, who is based at the Albany Clinic in Dublin, added: "Because it is such a one-off occasion, it is not something I would worry about. I would be more concerned about cheap deals on products that are high in fat or high sugary snacks that are on offer all year around, rather than Easter eggs.


"Certainly, if somebody has a stash of Easter eggs and eats them over a two-week period, then they would see weight gain. But then again, you would have to factor in other things like the amount of exercise a child does."


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