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Culvert scheme to help flood families

A permanent fix to floods in a flood-ravaged housing estate could be achieved within weeks.

Council chiefs have vowed to avoid a repeat of last month's scenes in Sallins, Co Kildare when water up to five feet deep flowed through homes in the Waterways development.

Despite claims the estate was built on a flood plain, officials blamed the flooding on unprecedented rainfall, not poor land.

After meetings between residents, Kildare County Council and representatives, Councillor Paddy MacNamara said a culvert could soon be complete.

It would be located under the nearby Kerdiffstown Road, where a temporary trench was dug to tackle recent flooding.

"I'm confident we're going to find a permanent solution and the county manager has indicated he will make funding available hopefully."


Mr MacNamara rejected suggestions the estate was built on flood-prone land.

"We had a period of sustained rainfall over several weeks and the land and drains in the area were saturated," he said.

"Over that weekend on the Saturday evening we had something like two or three weeks' rain in 12 hours and the system just couldn't take it any more. I feel it was unforeseeable."

A council spokesman said: "We want to see a permanent improvement in the drainage as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, the costly clear-up continues on the estate where flooring has been ripped up, concrete walls knocked down, and skips piled high with ruined furniture and beds.