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Cubs called aboard to learn all the wonders of Wagamama

Wagamama Dublin invited a group of 50 children to come along for a visit. The children got to prep with the head chef and learn how to take orders on the electronic handheld pcs, make their own juices and, most importantly, they sampled some of the delicious noodles!

In the process they learned about the food Wagamama serve, the nutritional value and the environment in which the staff work, and they also got an insight into health, safety and hygiene.

The young supporters were each handed goodie bags to leave them with lasting memories of their day.

Christine Chung, operations manager for Wagamama Ireland, said: "This is the third year we have had the cubs in and the kids love it, especially messing about with the noodles and seeing how we operate, and getting them to understand the importance of eating well.

"It's also a fantastic opportunity to get the local community involved and excited about the food."

Wagamama is an award-winning Asian-inspired noodle restaurant which first opened its doors back in 1992 in London's Bloomsbury.

Their ethos is to combine great, fresh and nutritious food in a sleek yet simple setting, with helpful friendly service and good value for money.

Wagamama opened its doors in Dublin, Ireland, in 1998 (their first international location) which followed with another opening in Ireland -- Cork in 2005.