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Cruise action thriller tops complaints chart

Tom Cruise hit Jack Reacher prompted the most complaints to UK movie ratings chiefs in the past year, with fears it was too sadistic for some viewers who were allowed to see it.

The British Board of Film Classification, like the Irish Film Classification Office, gave the thriller a 12A rating.

The BBFC's annual report reveals that although only 26 complained about the rating decision, the next most controversial films - The Paperboy and The Wolverine - received less than half that figure with 12 complaints each.

Jack Reacher - starring Cruise (inset) - had already been subject to a number of cuts to get it down to the 12A certificate.

The report outlines how changing attitudes have meant that some older films have seen their certificates lowered when they were re-submitted for reissued versions.

However, the 1980 hit comedy film Airplane! actually saw its certificate changed from PG to a 12A certificate due to its sex references and drug scenes.