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Crowbar father sent to prison

A YOUNG father of two who was found by gardai with a crowbar claimed that he needed it to break into his locked bedroom after he lost his keys.

Judge Patrick McMahon said he didn't believe Christopher Dooley's story and he sentenced him to five months in prison.

The 20-year-old defendant, of Gateway View, Ballymun, denied before Blanchardstown District Court that he had a crowbar for use in committing another offence.

Spy case 'could end quickly'

A lawyer for one of 11 people accused of spying for Russia says their case could be resolved as early as Thursday.

A fugitive and 10 people are charged with conspiring to act as secret agents, and nine of them are charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Attorney Robert Baum, who represents Anna Chapman, says the case might be settled with guilty pleas to the lowest charges and deportation from the country.

'Grim Sleeper' arrest made

A retired police mechanic was arrested and charged over Los Angeles' 'Grim Sleeper' serial killings after decades of frustrated investigations into at least 11 murders dating back 25 years.

Lonnie Franklin (57) faces 10 charges of murder, one count of attempted murder and special-circumstance allegations of multiple murders that could make him eligible for the death penalty if convicted.

The attacker was dubbed the Grim Sleeper because he apparently took a 14-year break from his crimes.

ITV chat show move for Ross

Jonathan Ross has signed a deal to present a chat show for ITV, it was announced today. The presenter -- who leaves his BBC show next week when his contract with the corporation runs out -- is to begin his new series late next year.

The series will air in a peak-time slot on ITV1 after a year's break for Ross.

He said: "I am thrilled and excited that after a short break I will be rolling up my sleeves and creating a brand new show for ITV1.