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Croker delight with their Plan A

THERE was no recourse to 'Plan B' yesterday after the GAA's prolonged campaign to keep supporters off the pitch bore fruit and the post-match presentations went off without a hitch.

The newly effected fences on Hill 16 prevented any flow of spectators from behind the Railway End goal while stewards held temporary netting up around the other three sides of the ground.

The presentation took place on the podium of the Hogan Stand and the majority of Tipperary supporters stayed for their team's victorious lap of honour around the pitch afterwards.

"Yes we are delighted that everything went according to plan" said the GAA's Communications Director, Lisa Clancy. "It was due to a combination of factors - the support from the fans, the GPA, the players, management, gardaĆ­ and the stewards. We had done a huge communication campaign nationally and locally to achieve this. It was a massive effort and everyone was committed to it being a success. And thankfully it was."

"The key thing is that we will be looking to do the same for the All-Ireland football final and we would be hopeful that fans from Cork and Down will react in the same way that the Tipperary and Kilkenny fans did yesterday."

Ms Clancy added that the GAA were hopeful now that a precedent had been set and that pitch invasions would be consigned to the past.

"We would like to see a day when this becomes normal. We are confident that it can be achieved but we will be taking it one day at a time," she said.