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Croke Park chiefs tackle council and Irish Water over flash floods

CROKE Park bosses say there is confusion over who is responsible for solving the problem of flooding on Jones' Road.

Pairc an Chrocaigh Teo (PCT), the company behind the GAA stadium, submitted a report to Dublin City Council (DCC) and highlighted the problem of flooding in the area.

According to Croke Park director Peter McKenna the establishment of Irish Water has placed "significant complexities" on the problem of flooding in the Drumcrondra venue.

Flash flooding has been an issue in recent years for the north Dublin stadium.

Mr McKenna said flooding was not an issue prior to 2009 but that there has been six major floods in the area since then.

"A separation of ownership of drainage systems between Irish Water and DCC has placed significant complexities on ownership of an engineering solution," according to the report.

"In addition there would be a requirement for DCC/Irish Water to obtain a foreshore licence to discharge combined foul/surface water in Tolka River."

The setting up of Irish Water means that it is not clear whose responsibility it is to seek a foreshore license.


A foreshore licence must be granted by the Department of the Environment in order to carry out works that will impact on the shores of any waterway in Ireland. The stadium suffered some flooding in 2013 when Elverys sports shop there was inundated with water during a torrential downpour.

The water also seeped into the players' lounge. Flood barriers have been used since to combat the situation.

PCT have engaged engineers to explore possible solutions to the problem in the future.

However according to the company "any solution would require either DCC or Irish Water to take the lead".

The Herald asked Irish Water if it had been in contact with the authorities at Croke Park over who was responsible in resolving the flooding issue.

A spokesperson said that they would work closely with Dublin City Council to assess the situation.

"Irish Water are responsible for the foul/combined sewers and Dublin City Council are responsible for the storm water sewers and management of the surface water run-off," she said.