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Critics hit back over performer street ban

CITY chiefs have come under pressure not to ban street performers like flame-throwers after it was claimed no one has complained about the acts.

Dublin City Council wants to prohibit the acts – which includes sword-swallowers and knife-throwers – from the capital's shopping streets.

But fire juggler Oisin Charms, who branded the proposed restrictions a disgrace, said he has never injured anyone during a performance or received any complaints.

"Worldwide there have been occasional incidents, once every 20 years type of thing. I can't see why you have to ban it," he told the Herald.

Fine Gael councillor Gerry Breen also said he is not aware of any complaints, injuries or dangerous incidents connected with the performances.

"I suppose from the city council point of view, they're doing the health and safety routine," Mr Breen told the Herald.

I never came across any (complaints) at all. It never came on my radar."

The proposed bye-laws are due before the council's arts and leisure committee meeting on Wednesday.