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Crisp ad models fly in for crunch game

The sizzling Hunky Dorys' girls are jetting into the capital to add some spice to the All-Ireland final.

The Dutch and US stars of the controversial crisp campaign will be making a flying visit to the Dublin ahead of Sunday's match.

The models have already stirred up controversy with their scantily clad photos which appeared on billboards around the country.

The company behind Hunky Dorys' previously created altered versions of the Leinster and Ireland rugby jerseys for the girls to wear and then embarked on an all-county colour campaign.

Representatives for Largo Foods have now been commissioned outfits that are "close to" the Dublin and Kerry jerseys for the girls to wear. But their arrival is not expected to be welcomed by all.

GAA officials have previously slammed the campaign for being "gratuitous" particularly in the week running up to the All-Ireland Camogie finals. "To see such gratuitous and exploitative images of women being linked with sport, and also taking up valuable space in the media in the week of our All-Ireland finals, is particularly distasteful and disappointing," said President of Ireland's camogie association, Joan O'Flynn.

"This is the week when our very best players, top-class female athletes who demonstrate the very best skills of their gender in sport and are ideal role models for young girls, will be lining out in our All-Ireland finals."

However, stunners Lian Schreuder and Maitlyn Simmons are being flown in from Holland and from Louisiana, US to meet Dublin and Kerry fans at a secret location.

The blonde model previously said she was stunned about the negative reaction to the campaign which she described as "fun".

"I'm shocked because I didn't see it as being sexist at all, " she said.