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Crisis will not stop charity's dinner

A CHARITY fundraiser recreating an historic 19th century gala dinner to mark the end of the Crimean War will go ahead despite the current ongoing political crisis in the region.

Organisers of the Ely Banquet for Barnardos say the event styled on the banquet of 1856 has been planned since Christmas and that it is "purely coincidental" the evening event coincides with the turmoil in Crimea.

The gala dinner replicates a banquet held in the same Dublin building in 1856 after Russian forces were defeated by Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire. Thousands of Irishmen fought in the conflict.

The dinner has since been made infamous by the excesses of the celebrations, which has been described as the most elaborate formal dinner ever staged in Ireland.


Some 250 hams, 230 legs of mutton, 500 meat pies, 100 venison pasties, 100 rice puddings, 260 plum puddings, 200 turkeys, 200 geese, 250 joints of beef, 100 chickens and 2,000 loaves were served to the 5,000 strong gathering.

A spokesperson for Ely (inset above) told the Herald around 100 tickets had been sold for the event on April 10, which takes place in Dublin's CHQ building in the IFSC with lots of local interest and no negative feedback reported.