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Criminals target people rather than homes

CRIMINALS in south Dublin are increasingly targeting individuals for robbery and theft – rather than homes or businesses.

Combined crime statistics for the garda stations at Pearse Street and Donnybrook reveal a worrying increase in the trend of crime against people.

The report for the Dublin south central division, obtained by the Herald, was produced by Chief Superintendent Michael O'Sullivan and compared 2013 to last year.

It analysed figures for robbery, where something is stolen in an incident that includes the threat of violence, and theft – where something is stolen with no violent threat.


The report also found burglary fell by 1pc between 2012 and 2013 – from 1,379 incidents to 1,366.

Robbery from individuals increased by 7pc – from 236 to 252 – in the period, while robbery from businesses fell by 22pc, from 118 to 92.

Theft against people rose by a massive 34pc, with 2,088 cases recorded in 2012 and 2,794 recorded in 2013. At 1,033 incidents, there were 22 more cases of theft from vehicles in 2013 compared with last year.

There were 107 fewer thefts reported from shops in 2013 with a total of 1,336.

Other thefts stood at 2,619.

In 2012, there were 10,678 cases of property crime while there were 11,463 cases in 2013.

The report showed that there were 262 incidents of assault causing harm this year compared to 242 last year – an increase of 8pc.

The findings were presented to the Joint Policing Committee for the south east area of Dublin.