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Criminals involved in hit on drug dealer now missing

Two criminals involved in the murder of a Dublin drug dealer have both vanished and are believed to have been murdered.

David ‘Babyface’ Lindsay (36) and Christy Gilroy, both 36, are suspected of organising the murder of Anthony Foster, (inset) whose inquest has been adjourned. Foster (34) was shot dead in Coolock three years ago. Gardai requested the adjournment, informing Dublin City Coroner's Court that the investigation into his killing is live and is progressing.

However gardai are also certain that two of the central characters in his murder have been murdered too. Sources have revealed that convicted cannabis dealer Foster was shot dead on the orders of major league drugs trafficker Lindsay. The Herald can now reveal the full details behind Foster’s murder – a gangland hit which led to the gruesome murder and dismemberment of Lindsay just a week later.

In the summer of 2008, Baldoyle man Lindsay was at war with his former associate – a north Dublin crime kingpin nicknamed ‘The Panda' – over a massive drugs debt that ‘The Panda' owed to him. Sources say that Lindsay decided to teach ‘The Panda' a lesson and ordered the murder of the gangster's close associate Anthony Foster, who was shot dead in the stairwell of a block of flats at Cromcastle Court in July 2008. But less than a week after Foster was murdered, ‘The Panda' engineered a diabolical double-cross that led to the murder of ‘Babyface' Lindsay and Lindsay's pal Alan Napper.

Sources believe the feared duo were murdered in a house in Co Down after being savagely tortured. After they were shot dead, it is understood that their bodies were cut up and dumped in the Irish Sea. A source pointed out: “‘The Panda' was particularly happy that he had avenged the murder of his associate Foster by having Lindsay and Napper killed.” EXECUTION A week earlier, notorious armed robber Christy Gilroy is believed to have been paid by Lindsay to take part in the Anthony Foster murder. He was arrested by gardai shortly after the execution happened. It is understood that Gilroy helped source the motorbike which was used as a getaway vehicle by Foster's killer. While he was being detained at Santry Garda Station about the murder – a bizarre incident took place.

Gardai were left red-faced when he simply walked out of his cell after realising that the lock was faulty. He made his way out of the station and had left the area by the time officers discovered that he had absconded. Gilroy went on the run for over a fortnight and was suspected of involvement in a spate of armed robberies on the northside before he was finally picked up by gardai. Just four months later in January 2009, Gilroy was suspected of murdering Michael ‘Roly’ Cronin (35) and James Maloney (26), who were shot dead in a car at Summerhill in Dublin's north inner city on the orders of another slain gang boss Eamon ‘The Don' Dunne.