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Criminal spent €50,000 compo on drugs binge

A REPEAT offender spent a €50,000 compensation award he was given from the State on a four-month crystal meth and cocaine bender, a court heard.

Patrick Ryan (36) went into a "spiral" of substance abuse when he got the award and took "as many drugs as he could until the money ran out".

The father-of-two was on both crystal meth and cocaine when he was caught in possession of a kitchen knife while attempting to shoplift from a pharmacy.

Judge Victor Blake jailed him for eight months at Dublin District Court.

Ryan, of Friary Grove, Smithfield, admitted unlawful possession of a knife and attempted theft at Boots, The Square, Tallaght on January 28 last.

Garda Stephen Murray told the court when he was stopped after taking goods and trying to leave, Fagan had a large kitchen knife in a bag.

He did not threaten to use it at any stage.

The court heard Ryan had 128 previous convictions.

On the day, he had taken crystal meth and cocaine before going into Boots, and had very little recollection of the offence, his barrister Emmet Nolan said.

He bought the knife earlier in the day for his own protection.

The court heard Ryan was the youngest of 11 siblings, two of whom had died from drug overdoses.

He was a man who had had a "most difficult upbringing, mainly due to economic deprivation". He began taking drugs at 16, after he found his brother dead at home.

He had received €50,000 in a compensation award from the State, but "consumed the entirety of that in three to four months", Mr Nolan said.

"He went completely off the rails in a spiral of crystal meth and cocaine use and was essentially completely out of control," he explained. "He had money for drugs and took as many drugs as he could until the money ran out."

Judge Blake jailed the accused, backdating the sentence to May.