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Criminal quizzed over murder is victim's pal


Victim Gareth Hutch

Victim Gareth Hutch

Victim Gareth Hutch

A close associate of shooting victim Christopher Maguire spent almost a week in garda custody being questioned about the feud murder of Gareth Hutch.

The notorious gangland criminal is also suspected of firebombing a car belonging to one of his enemies just days after being released.

The 30-year-old Ballymun thug - who is a senior member of the so-called 'New INLA' - is now believed to be hiding out in Portugal.


Gardai called to his home within an hour of yesterday's shooting of Christopher Maguire, but he was not at home.

Another close criminal associate of the Ballymun man - who is from the capital's north inner city - is also wanted for questioning about the Gareth Hutch murder, but he is now believed to be in Wales after spending time hiding out in Scotland.

Last month, it emerged that his family feared that he had been murdered because he had not been in contact with them for weeks, but it has been confirmed that he is alive and well.

His close mate, the 30-year-old thug from Ballymun, skipped Ireland on a ferry shortly after his suspected involvement in the firebomb attack.

He left the country in the company of a 21-year-old convicted heroin dealer from Ballymun who is described as being "extremely loyal" to him.


It is understood that both men were stopped and searched by customs officers at Holyhead after a tip-off from gardai but neither gangster was arrested and they made their way to Manchester.

The 21-year-old dealer is now back in Ireland but his older associate subsequently flew from England to Portugal.

Last month, the Herald revealed that the Portugal-based gangster's home was searched by detectives investigating the separate murder of Vincent Ryan (25) in February.