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Crime boss Christy Keane loses power in his arm after shooting in gym carpark


Christy Keane

Christy Keane

Christy Keane

Crime boss Christy Keane has partially lost power in his arm after he was gunned down in a murder attempt in the University of Limerick last month.

Keane (54) was lucky to escape with his life after two gunmen fired at him as he was on his way into the gym at the university.

He was hit four times, twice in one arm, after 12 rounds were fired at him.

Keane managed to flee and survived after a pregnant trauma nurse came to his aid on June 29.

Keane was rushed to Cork University Hospital after the shooting but is now recovering at home in Limerick, according to the Sun on Sunday.

Reports have suggested that one of the bullets that hit him in the chest splintered apart, causing complications.

He now faces further surgery as he has lost a certain amount of mobility in his upper left arm.

There were fears that the shooting of the veteran gangster would reignite a decade-long feud in Limerick. The chief suspects are a gang of young thugs with close links to the McCarthy/Dundon gang.

Two people arrested and questioned over the botched hit have since been released without charge. Both handguns used in the attack were found in a burned-out vehicle.

Detectives from Henry Street Garda Station are now hoping to interview Keane, now that he is recovering at home, over the emergence of a new alliance of crime gangs bidding to control the drugs market in Limerick.

Students at UL have also been asked to come forward with information following the attempted murder.

Anyone with information about the shooting is being asked to contact Henry Street Garda Station.