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Crime boss back on the streets

"The problem is that there are a lot of young fellas who look up to him like he is some kind of hero -- it is these younger generation who were directly involved in the incidents," the source added.

Thompson was spotted at his mother's home in the south inner city at around 1am today and it is understood that he stayed the night there as armed garda units patrolled the area.

Yesterday, the gang boss, who has kept a low profile for almost two years, was spotted openly walking the streets of Crumlin.

"It is a show of force -- he wants everyone to know he is back. He was walking down Crumlin Road with four of the young fellas who look up to him.

"He was strutting around the place like he is the king of the castle or something -- it is a long, long, time since we have seen such a visible presence from Thompson," a senior source explained.

Some families in the area were feeling the full effects of his return after a series of violent attacks in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Up to five shots were fired at a house in the Drimnagh area just hours before a pipe bomb was thrown at a house.

Young associates of the 'Fat' Freddie mob are suspected of both incidents.


Young gangsters linked to the Thompson crew drove a car at a drug dealer who had been busted with a haul of drugs last week.

The man remains in St James's Hospital today after suffering two broken legs in the car attack.

The Herald has previously revealed that this man's innocent mother was forced to flee from her Crumlin home after it was shot at and pipe bombs were placed under her car on two occasions when he and his brother previously lost drugs owned by the Thompson gang.

In another incident, the older brother had his testicles set on fire just weeks before the mob super-glued his eyelashes together.

"We have not seen tensions like this for a very long time. It is like a powder keg," said a local source today.

At the centre of all this mayhem is the fact that 'Fat' Freddie's family home was targeted in a petrol bomb attack on Sunday night.

The attack was caught on a CCTV system installed at the house on Loreto Road. 'Fat' Freddie's mother was the sole occupant of the house at the time.

A senior source explained: "Mrs Thompson has allowed gardai to view the CCTV.

"It shows two young men with hoodies on throwing what appears to be a bottle at the house."