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It's the end of an era for movie buffs as the city's last Laser film library is closin its doors.

After more than 20 years supplying both mainstream and specialist movies the iconic branch on George's Street is closing, mainly because of competition from online services.

It's stock of unique and hard-to-find titles will now be cleared in a sale over the coming two weeks.

The chain used to have three stores - in Ranelagh, Andrew Street and George's Street - and yesterday the shutters came down on the last remaining branch.


"It's an awful shame because it is one of the biggest movie libraries in Europe under one roof, and now it will be scattered to the four winds," said Peter Dunne, who has worked with Laser for ten years.

He remembers applying three times before landing a coveted job.

"The internet has taken over, and kids these days don't know why anyone should pay for music or films. It's just all different now," Peter explained as he re-arranged the stock to make it ready for the sale.

"But the internet takes away all the fun like the surprise find, the movie you thought was never to be found, and the whole human interaction with like-minded people," he added.

"I'm more upset by the loss of a little vibrant community of film lovers than I am the loss of my job," Peter added.

He also told of how search engines and computer recommendations cannot make up for human knowledge a lot of the time.

"We have had people come in and describe a scene in a movie they can't remember the name of, and we would know it and find it for them, much to their amazement," he said.

Peter said quite a few relationships have also been formed over the years in the store when customers struck up conversations "and the next thing they're heading out the door together for a coffee".

The sale at Laser started today at 12 noon and will last two weeks.