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Credit card scam hits Jack and Jill charity

A credit card scam involving €130,000 in donations has been uncovered by the Jack and Jill Foundation, which provides care for terminally ill children in their own homes.

No money has been lost by the owners of the skimmed credit cards – thanks to the charity, which spotted the scam and returned all the money to the card owners.

Carmel Doyle of the Foundation, which provides and funds home-nursing care for 300 children with severe developmental delay as a result of brain damage, had described their disappointment at seeing a "spike in donations only to discover it was a scam".


She explained that the skimmers had used the Jack and Jill Foundation to 'test' stolen credit card details.

Jonathan Irwin, the CEO and Founder of the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation, said: "We felt it our duty to go public on this, so that we can alert other charities and remind the public to check their statements for these small 'tester' amounts which are a sad reality of credit card skimming.

"I also want to reassure our supporters who kindly make regular donations online that our website is safe and secure."