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CRC's flagging Santa campaign faces the chop under new board

THE annual Santa Bear appeal could be the first thing to get the chop as the new Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) board is announced.

According to the new chairman Kieran Timmins, the bears haven't sold so well for the last few Christmases and so the board will now examine various fundraising options.

"Santa Bear sales were down in the last number of years, we'll have to look at that to see if that's a sustainable thing going forward," he said.

The Santa Bear section of the CRC website is currently down and he stated that staff have been moved from that section.


The Santa Bear appeal is the clinic's biggest annual fundraiser and to date it has brought in €1m in cash for the CRC's work.

Mr Timmins said he was personally shocked by the top-up controversies surrounding some charities last year.

"I thought it was wholly inappropriate I was appalled quite frankly with what went on," admitted the businessman.

The CRC was singled out for criticism after it emerged that its chief executive Paul Kiely was on an annual State salary of €106,000 plus a top-up of €136,000, paid for from its charity arm.