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Crazed killer cut Enrika's throat in front of mum

MURDERED mum Jolanta Lubiene witnessed her daughter being killed, gardai believe.

The Herald has learned that after killing the little girl, their crazed attacker then turned on the terrified mother.

She was stabbed 20 times as she attempted to flee down the stairs and into the hallway before collapsing.

Forensic examinations have shown that the 28-year-old mum's blood was on the wall close to the stairway where the body of little Enrika (8) was found.

No arrests have been made and the double murderer remains at large.

A source said: "Gardai are working on the theory that this unfortunate woman saw her child being murdered."

Sources have also pointed out that officers plan to search a small lake located near the murder house as the search for the murder weapon continues.

The development comes as it has emerged that the double murderer is still at large, with sources explaining that they do not believe the killer is an Irish national.

It has emerged that gardai investigating the double murder had originally thought they were working on an "open and shut case" after a man with severe psychiatric problems had issued threats against people in Killorglin, Co Kerry in the days before the murder.

Because of the severe nature of his illness, his past history and the threats he had been making, he immediately became a suspect, but it did not take gardai long to rule him out of the investigation. "An alibi was provided and gardai are absolutely certain that he is innocent," a source explained.

Gardai also believe the person responsible for the double murder on Saturday would bear visible marks, such as bruising or scratches.


The mother of one is understood to have put up a fight to protect herself and her child when she was attacked by someone she knew well in an upstairs bedroom of their rented house at Langford Downs, just outside the town.

It is also suspected that the killer remains in the country.

Supt Flor Murphy, who is leading the investigation, said: "There's no evidence to say anyone is after doing a runner."

Funeral arrangements have yet to be finalised but it could be next week before the bodies are released.

It is also understood their remains will be repatriated back to Telsiai in their native Lithuania for burial.