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Crash dad dies 10 months after his children

THE family of a man who has died 10 months after his son and unborn daughter were killed in a horrific car crash are "devastated beyond words".

Con Twomey (39) died in Cork University Hospital (CUH) after failing to recover from head, neck and chest injuries sustained in the crash while on holiday in Devon last July.

"It is just heartbreaking. We are devastated beyond words. It has been a very tough year for everyone," one family member told the Herald.

The devastating crash was caused by a Polish man who wanted to end his own life.

Con, a talented hurler from Meelin in north Cork, was transferred by air ambulance to Ireland from a Devon hospital last year, but had remained on a life support machine.

He died early on Saturday with his family by his bedside.

Friends said his fitness and strength had helped keep him stay alive since last summer.



His widow, Elber (37), is now the only survivor.

The couple's child, Oisin (16 months), died shortly after the collision on July 6 outside Torquay in Cornwall.

Elber's unborn child, Elber Marie, could not be saved despite emergency surgery in hospital at Plymouth.

Elber, a teacher in north Cork, suffered severe back and pelvic injuries in the crash and it was several weeks before she could be informed of the scale of the tragedy. Her injuries were so severe she has been unable to return to work.

Con worked in the construction industry in Meelin outside Newmarket. He was deeply involved in Meelin GAA club as well as community groups in the north Cork area.

Polish taxi driver Marek Wojciechowski (20), who apparently veered directly into the path of the Twomeys' car, also died.

Mr Wojciechowski lived in Torquay with his wife Agnieska and two young daughters.

Concern for his welfare had mounted on July 6 after he apparently left a suicide note.

It was indicated that he suffered from depression.

Mrs Wojciechowski responded to comments about the collision via social networking websites. She pleaded with people not to judge her husband – and said she is now praying daily for the Twomey family.

"My husband drove into those people's car, that's true. But you should know why it happened before you judge him," she said.

The family has now appealed for privacy in a bid to shield Elber, who is still recovering from her injuries.