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Craig speaks of horror as his mum mugged after having cancer treatment

RTE star Craig Doyle was left horrified after his cancer-suffering mum was mugged a day after she completed a course of chemotherapy.

Eithne Doyle was outside Carrickmines Retail Park when her handbag was snatched by a heartless thug.

The thief carried out the act in broad daylight, after posing as a good Samaritan.

He had initially pretended to help her with her shopping before fleeing with the handbag.

Brave Eithne -- who appears in UPC television adverts with her son and husband -- was still weak after completing a bout of chemotherapy the day before.

She survived bowel cancer earlier this year and had visited the shopping centre to buy plants for her garden.

Craig (40) said that the incident had left his mother "shaken".

"My mum had just finished her last chemo session and then got mugged the next day. The guy reached into her car, pretended to help her and then stole her handbag."


He added: "She wasn't able to stop him from taking her bag because she was still weak from her treatment. She's okay now, she's stronger and has gotten over the ordeal."

A family pal said: "It's disgusting the way this happened. The scumbag helped Eithne to her car and then robbed her of everything. All he left were her plants.

"There was cash, her phone, her cards, house keys and a few other important items taken.

"She was very shaken and is still suffering the side effects of all the chemo."

Earlier this year, Craig convinced his mother to appear in the television advert with his dad Sean in a bid to take her mind off her battle with cancer.

The advert features the presenter calling into his parents' south Dublin home to help them set up their digital cable package.

Craig admitted that his mother's new-found fame helped her through her illness.

"It was great, it took her mind completely off the fact that she was about to go for this operation.

"Instead of every person in the bridge club saying, 'How are ya Eithne?' they go 'Oh I saw you on the ad, you look great'."