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Crafty pair foil robbers with their letterbox lock

TWO Dublin tradesmen have invented a device to lock letterboxes -- and prevent robberies and firework attacks.

Brian Flood (52) and his friend Martin Manifold (60), from Drimnagh, developed the device when their neighbour's front door was blown up after a firework exploded in the letterbox.

Brian told the Herald: "A neighbour's door was damaged with a fire cracker when it was put in between the inner and outer letterbox shutters and it destroyed the hall door."

"I said I'm not going to have this and we thought about what we could do. It's something we just came up with -- we're both tradesmen and we just knocked about in the garden shed and after a few hours we came up with it."

Brian and Martin have been selling their security device to family and friends, and they say it brings greater peace of mind at night.


"Burglaries are a big problem everywhere, people have the habit of leaving their car keys on the hall table, and all the thieves have to do is stick in the fishing rod and your car keys are gone.

"We've made a few for neighbours and friends. In the evening, people can lock the letterbox and then they can unlock it in the morning.

"We've fitted a few where people leave them locked all the time and they got a separate letterbox away from their door instead.

"The only thing is that when you get up in the mornings you have to remember to open it, otherwise the postman won't be able to get the mail through," said Brian

Last week, singer Maria Doyle Kennedy's car was stolen when thieves accessed her car keys through the letterbox of her home with a fishing rod and a magnet.

Now Brian and Martin believe they have come up with a solution to outsmart thieves.


"We didn't even patent it because it's too expensive, but we did a technical drawing of it on the advice of the patent office and we posted it back to ourselves with official stamps.

"It's given our relatives and friends big peace of mind. Once they close it up at night, the house is secure and they can't get into it."