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Crack garda units on high alert for the Don's funeral

A major garda security operation is already under way for tomorrow's funeral of gangland boss Eamon Dunne.

Discreet but extensive searches have been carried out at the city church and northside cemetery where the funeral of the 34-year-old killer will be held.

'The Don' was assassinated on April 23 at Faussagh House in Cabra, Dublin.

His remains will be brought straight to the Church of the Holy Family, Aughrim Street, for Requiem Mass tomorrow at 10am, with burial afterwards in Dardistown Cemetery.

A simple obituary from his family read, "The death has occurred of Eamon Dunne of Dublin. Beloved son of Eamonn and Margaret".

"Removal from the family home on Tuesday morning to the Church of the Holy Family, Aughrim Street, arriving for Funeral Mass at 10am with burial afterwards in Dardistown Cemetery."

The funeral proceedings, which are expected to attract many gangland figures, will be monitored by plainclothes gardai, who will mingle with the crowd.

They are also watching the homes and haunts of several suspects in case a retaliatory attack is carried out to avenge the Don's murder.

They will also be using the occasion to see who stays away from the funeral -- part of their ongoing intelligence gathering.


The Don had many enemies and numerous theories are circulating, putting several different gangs and families in the frame for his murder.

He was shot six times in the head and back, with a four-man gang carrying out the attack with military-style precision.

Two masked gunmen entered the pub. One approached Dunne and shot him, another provided cover, while a third stood guard at the pub door. The fourth man was the getaway driver.

Reports claim that Dunne tried to shield himself from the bullets by pulling a customer in front of him while the main gunman did likewise in case the Don was armed and about to return fire.

The shooting took place in the Faussagh House pub in Cabra last Friday night where the victim was attending the birthday party of a friend.

CCTV material and forensic evidence from a getaway car , a red Volkswagen Passat, a glove and ammunition may provide invaluable information for the investigating team.

The funeral will be another in a long list of requiems for murdered crime gang bosses, which go back to Martin Cahill in 1984 and, more recently, Marlo Hyland in 2006.

Only around 50 attended last June's funeral of Dutchy Holland -- the man garda say murdered journalist Veronica Guerin -- who died in Parkhurst prison in England aged 70 from a suspected heart attack.