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Crack cocaine hell hole near houses of Bono and Enya

A DRUGS “hell hole” is blighting one of Ireland’s most beautiful seaside resorts near the mansions of world-famous musicians.

A former tea-rooms at Killiney Beach have become a haven for crack cocaine users and drunken revellers just a few hundred metres from the homes of Bono (inset), Enya and Van Morrison.

The tea-rooms were a popular visitor attraction overlooking Killiney Bay but were closed down decades ago and have since become derelict.

Independent c ouncillor Victor Boyhan called on Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Council to take urgent action to make the area safe.

“It’s a hell hole of a place. It was a beautiful place when I was a child but I’ve been told it’s a no-go area at weekends with people getting drunk and using drugs,” the Blackrock councillor said.

The entire building is strewn with drink cans, broken bottles and drugs paraphernalia. Dozens of empty drink cans were punctured and showed signs of being heated up with cigarette lighters by crack cocaine users.

“I saw for myself loads of cider bottles and used condoms too. It’s a real hell of a place being used for orgies. It’s all very undesirable,” said Mr Hoyhan.

“The council have to act immediately on health and safety grounds. Children cannot be allowed to enter this derelict building. People as young as 16, 17 and 18 are using the building. “It’s very sad as this was once a landmark building where people could go for tea and scones and picnickers could get boiling water.”

The buildings were sold at auction in 2001. A number of planning applications have been lodged dating from 2003.

The last of the applications, lodged in 2009, was for a €5m, 30-guest room hotel, roof terrace and a boat-hire facility.

“Artist studios were once planned for the site but now it’s a den of iniquity,” said Mr Boyhan.

The main building was gutted by fire in 2004 and has been derelict since. Fences put around it have been breached and damaged.

Mr Boyhan said the council must contact the owners of the property and ensure the site is made safe and secure.