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Crack cocaine haul seized off Fat Freddie pal

GARDAI have seized a haul of crack cocaine from a Crumlin gangster who is connected to 'Fat' Freddie Thompson's mob.

Apart from crack cocaine, detectives also seized heroin, cocaine and cannabis in the raid on the man's home on the Crumlin Road.

The suspect and his gangster brother were arrested by armed detectives and are expected to be charged in court soon.

The development comes as gardai are increasingly concerned about the amount of crack cocaine in the capital.

"It is a very, very serious drug -- extremely highly addictive and it is selling for €100 a rock. We are seeing much more of it now and it is leading to violence on the streets.

"The druggies are calling it More because when you start using it, you just need more and more of it.

"Crack cocaine is most prevalent in the Crumlin and inner city areas and a big problem is that dealers are actually robbing each other's product. This is causing huge gang tensions and it may well lead to a murder," a senior source revealed.

The busted Crumlin drug dealer is suspected of being involved in a savage assault on an innocent teenager at a Luas line platform in Drimnagh in late August which left the victim with serious head injuries.

The Herald previously revealed that the dealer's testicles were set on fire by gangsters and his dog tortured because he owed a major drugs debt.

The teenage victim of the Drimnagh attack was beaten unconscious and kicked numerous times in the head in an attack which gardai describe as "particularly brutal".

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, as the victim lay unconscious on the ground, it is suspected that a young man who had been with the victim got access to a car.

Sources believe that he drove this car into the Drimnagh area where he located the three men involved in the assault -- including the crack cocaine dealer.

He then drove the car at the crack dealer leaving him with two broken legs and requiring 60 stitches to a head wound.

The Herald has learned that the crack dealer was driven into the back windscreen of another car that was parked on the street.

As the situation threatened to spiral out of control, one side asked gang boss 'Fat' Freddie Thompson to intervene and sources say the gangster was spotted banging on the door of a house in Knocknaree Road in Crumlin. The terrified occupants refused to let him in.

Deeply concerned about the worsening situation, gardai launched a major investigation.

Detectives seized just under €10,000 in cash during once raid which they believe belonged to the 'Fat' Freddie organisation.

Meanwhile earlier this year, the crack dealer had his testicles set on fire just weeks before the mob super-glued his eyelashes together.