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Cowell plans charity single

POP and TV mogul Simon Cowell is to make a charity single to raise money for quake-hit Haiti.

He said the urgent fund-raising effort -- which could involve stars such as Susan Boyle and Leona Lewis -- followed a request from British prime minister Gordon Brown.

It could also see British VAT waived on all sales of the track to maximise money raised.

Speaking at last night's National Television Awards ceremony in London, Cowell said: "We made the decision today. We had a request from the prime minister and The Sun newspaper: 'Would we put a record together?', so we haven't got a lot of time but we are going to do something, and attempt to raise as much money as possible."

He also said that fellow X Factor judge Cheryl Cole "would love" to be part of the single.

Fleet of ships bring supplies

A flotilla of rescue vessels, led by the US hospital ship Comfort, has converged on Port-au-Prince harbour to help fill gaps in still-lagging global efforts to deliver water, food and medical help.

Hundreds of thousands of survivors of are still living in makeshift tents or on blankets and plastic sheets under the tropical sun.

The seaborne rescue fleet will soon be reinforced by the Spanish ship Castilla, with 50 doctors and 450 troops, and by three other US-based navy vessels diverted from a scheduled Middle East mission.

Canadian warships are already in Haitian waters and an Italian aircraft carrier, the Cavour, will also join the flotilla with medical teams and engineers.

Guantanamo at the ready

THE US has begun preparing tents at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba for Haitians migrants in case of a mass migration spurred by the earthquake.

About 100 tents, each capable of holding 10 people, have been erected and authorities have more than 1,000 more on hand in case waves of Haitians leave their homeland and are captured at sea, said Rear Admiral Thomas Copeman.

US immigration officials say they will allow illegal Haitian immigrants to live and work temporarily in America.