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cousin katie sings from the heart to help little molly battle cancer

TEENAGER Katie O'Connor has written a moving song to help her little cousin Molly McNally, the Dublin football mascot who is battling cancer.

"I have written songs before, but this is the first time it actually meant something," said Katie (16) from Clarehall about her song called Just Too Young.

The song will become available on iTunes today, with all proceeds going to the Molly McNally Miracle Trust, which will help with the costs of her treatment.

"Only a short while after Molly was diagnosed, I wrote this song, and it was a way for me to talk about it, because it was hard to accept and understand.

"I never really knew if anything would happen with the song itself. I showed my mam and she said it was good, so it happened from there," said Katie, who attends school at Manor House in Raheny.

The two cousins are very close. "We love each other, I love her," Katie said.

It has already been receiving a very positive reaction from all who have heard it.

"I want people to listen to this and understand what Molly is going through, and what my family are going through," the teen said.

"When something like this happens, you want to do everything possible to help. That is why I wrote this song," Katie explained.

Six-year-old Molly is currently undergoing another round of chemotherapy this week. From Balbriggan, the little girl is battling against a rare neuroblastoma that affects only one in five million children.

To donate to the Molly McNally Trust Fund, text Molly to 57802 - it costs €2.