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Youth jailed for telling garda he'd kill her

A YOUTH who threatened to kill a garda while using language towards her that was "profane in the extreme" has been jailed for two months.

Daryl Brady (21) was sentenced after a judge said the accused had "disgraced himself" with the verbal abuse he hurled at gardai investigating a city centre row.

Brady had denied the offence, claiming the garda had gripped him by the throat and called him a "red queer".

Judge David McHugh found him guilty of charges of public intoxication and causing a breach of the peace.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at Gardiner Street on June 19. Gardai responded to a report of a large row in progress at Abbey Street after 5am. When they arrived they saw two people with serious head injuries being taken away in an ambulance. After being told the row had spilled around the corner, they went to find two groups of people who were drunk, were shouting and roaring and drinking alcohol.

The first group began to leave the area when asked, but when the gardai went to speak to the second group, Brady, of Champions Avenue, Dublin 1, became extremely aggressive and abusive.

Garda Mairead Murphy said despite garda efforts to defuse the situation, the accused's behaviour continued and his "language was appalling".

"He threatened to kill me... He stuck his face into my face in a threatening manner while shouting at me," she said.

In cross-examination, defence solicitor Yvonne Bambury said there was nothing to suggest that the accused had had anything to do with the previous incident.

Garda Murphy denied grabbing the accused by the throat and calling him a "red queer".

Ms Bambury said the accused would insist that he was assaulted by the jailer in the garda station he was taken to, and that he later needed six stitches to a head injury.

Garda Murphy said this was the first time she had heard of any allegation of an assault and she was not aware of any complaint.