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Youth banned from bringing 'serious criminals' to court

A YOUTH has been banned from letting two men described as "serious criminals" accompany him to the Children's Court in Dublin.

He appeared at the court where he faced a charge under the Public Order Act for failing to comply with a garda's direction to leave a vicinity after he was cautioned.

His mother sat trembling and weeping, while the teen smiled, as Judge Michael Walsh was told by a garda that the youth had brought company with him to the courthouse, which is located on a corner at Smithfield Square.

The garda said the teenager had come to the building with two men, and added that they were "serious criminals". Neither came into the courtroom.

The worried mother explained that she no longer knows where her 18-year-old son lives. The prosecuting garda then asked for an order stating that the teen could not associate with the men or bring them to court with him.

"Can you get him to keep away from them?" the youth's mother pleaded. The judge turned to the teen and asked "What do you have to say?"

"Dunno," the teen replied. The judge told the youth that his mother was concerned about him associating with these men. "They're not that bad," the teenager answered.

The teenager was remanded on bail to appear again on a date next month.