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Young mum who 'bottled' woman jailed for 3 years


Susan McCarthy stabbed a woman in the head with a bottle

Susan McCarthy stabbed a woman in the head with a bottle

Susan McCarthy stabbed a woman in the head with a bottle

A mother who repeatedly stabbed a woman in the head with a broken beer bottle has been jailed for three years.

While attacking her victim, Susan McCarthy (22) told 23-year-old Leanne Delaney: "I hope you f***ing die."

McCarthy also stabbed Ms Delaney's friend, 22-year-old Celina Daly.

Sentencing McCarthy at Limerick Circuit Court, Judge Tom O'Donnell said: "This was a vicious, frenzied, horrific assault on two strangers."

He said Ms Delaney's injuries could have been fatal, given McCarthy's "high level of violence and aggression".


McCarthy pleaded guilty to assault causing harm. She also admitted producing a dangerous article during the course of an assault.

McCarthy told gardai she "lost it" after claiming Ms Delaney and a man were arguing at 2.30am in an apartment next to hers in Parnell Street, Limerick.

When the victims left the building, McCarthy followed them on to the street, knocked Ms Delaney to the ground and set upon her with the broken beer bottle.

John O'Sullivan, prosecuting, said McCarthy "sat on top" of her and repeatedly stabbed her in the head. She also kicked her as she lay on the ground.

"It was a frenzied attack," he said.

Gardai found the victim unconscious on the ground with "blood pouring out of her".

McCarthy was heard shouting: "I hope she f***ing dies. She's only a f**ing junkie." She then told her: "You won't be doing that again."

McCarthy, who had taken a concoction of alcohol and tablets, was still at the scene when gardai arrived. She told officers: "I bottled her."

When asked if she was sorry, she said she was not.

McCarthy said she knew Ms Delaney was seriously injured and that, but for the intervention of a man who pulled her off of her, she "would have kept going until she was dead".

During the assault, Ms Delaney suffered a punctured lung as well as cuts, bruising and light scarring to her face and torso.


McCarthy, who has a five-year- old son, had convictions for engaging in abusive, insulting or threatening behaviour.

She initially told gardai she saw Ms Delaney holding "a big knife", but this was accepted by her defence as a "bogus story".

A psychiatric report said McCarthy "suffers mood swings, and has a history of anger management".