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Young man admits defacing pillars of Central Bank


Eoin Berkeley damaged the pillars of the Central Bank

Eoin Berkeley damaged the pillars of the Central Bank

Eoin Berkeley damaged the pillars of the Central Bank

A young man has admitted defacing the pillars of the Central Bank in Dublin with graffiti.

Eoin Berkeley (22) also had a box-cutting knife for his "own protection" when gardai arrested him for a separate incident.

Berkeley was told he could avoid a jail sentence if he carried out community service.

Judge Michael Walsh adjourned the case for a suitability report. He recommended 180 hours of community service instead of a six-month sentence if the report is positive.

Berkeley, of Hamptonwood Way, Finglas, admitted criminal damage to the marble plinth and granite pillars of the Central Bank building in Temple Bar last April 12.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at 10.30pm and it cost €100 to remove the graffiti.

Berkeley also admitted separate charges of possession of a knife, a small amount of cocaine and a public order offence.

Gardai were called last January 27 when it was alleged that drinks had been spiked at a bar on Harcourt Street.


When officers arrived and spoke to Berkeley he became aggress- ive towards them, refused to desist from his behaviour and was arrested.

He was taken to Kevin Street Garda Station, where a knife with a box-cutting blade was found on him. He said he had it for his own protection.

Last March 17, gardai saw Berkeley in an altercation with another person on Suffolk Street.

When told to move on, he walked to Grafton Street where he began verbally abusing passers-by. When again told to move he became aggressive to gardai and was again arrested.

He had a small bag of cocaine on him when searched.

A garda said the accused was also intoxicated as a result of taking cocaine.

He had eight previous convictions.

"He is getting something of a reputation," the judge said.

Berkeley had had difficulties with drug and alcohol abuse, said his solicitor, Tony Collier.

He had attended a psychologist and was now making "good progress".

"And parallel to all this, he has continued to offend," the judge said.

Judge Walsh ordered the community service report on the weapons charge and adjourned all cases to next month.