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Women admit to 'very drunk' manslaughter of man following fight


Anna Marie Pezzillo (pictured) and Rachel Comiskey admitted killing Ian Quinn

Anna Marie Pezzillo (pictured) and Rachel Comiskey admitted killing Ian Quinn

Anna Marie Pezzillo (pictured) and Rachel Comiskey admitted killing Ian Quinn

Two women have admitted killing a man nearly four years ago in a Dublin flat.

Anna Marie Pezzillo, of no fixed abode, and Rachel Comiskey, of Dodsboro Cottages, Lucan, Co Dublin, both pleaded guilty yesterday to the manslaughter of Ian Quinn (32).

At the Central Criminal Court, Pezzillo (34) and Comiskey (35) had both denied murdering Mr Quinn at an apartment in Block B, Annally Grove, Ongar, between May 30 and May 31, 2014.


Prosecutor Sean Gillane told the court yesterday that the women's pleas were acceptable to the State.

Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy remanded Comiskey on bail and Pezzillo in custody until April 16, when they will be sentenced.

Speaking to a newspaper in 2014, Pezzillo admitted she had killed Mr Quinn, but insisted that it had been unintentional. She claimed there had been a fight at the apartment between Mr Quinn, herself and another woman.

She added that although they had tried to clean up the apartment, they all fell asleep after drinking heavily.

"When we woke up, Ian was after wetting himself, so we started taking his clothes off," Pezzillo told the newspaper.

"But he got so aggressive and hit me in the face. He punched me a few times. I pushed him then against the wall and he fell and banged his head.

"Then I put a bag over his head. I was saying, 'If he gets up, he's going to kill us'."

Pezzillo said she and the other female then fell asleep.

"When I woke up, I realised what I had done," she said. "I had been very, very drunk and I had taken tablets - zimos.

"I just thought he was unconscious."

Pezzillo said the pair realised something was wrong when they touched Mr Quinn's face and found he was cold.

She added that she had known Mr Quinn since they were both teenagers.

"He was like a brother to me," she said. "He was a funny fella, but when he got drink into him, he just changed.


"I feel guilty. I regret it, of course I do."

At Mr Quinn's inquest in November 2014, the court heard that the post-mortem was carried out by State Pathologist Prof Marie Cassidy at Connolly Hospital.

Dublin coroner Dr Brian Farrell said her preliminary report found the cause of death was "undetermined".

"There are a number of possibilities which are the subject of ongoing investigations," he added.

Mr Quinn was the father of a nine-year-old boy.