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Woman's horror at ex-boyfriend's sex site postings

A CHILDCARE worker has told how her life has been ruined by an ex-boyfriend who posted vile sexual items on a website seven years after they broke up.

The 36-year-old woman told Roscommon Circuit Criminal Court she had to give up her job, was receiving counselling until her savings ran out, and told how her friends shunned her after items appeared on a website which suggested she was offering sexual favours.

The woman said that she was unaware of the explicit items on the adult website and that they went on for about eight months in 2011 before they were brought to her attention.


Her name and full postal address was used on the website and the items were all written in the first person.

The woman told the court that she was extremely shocked when she discovered the articles and she couldn't fathom who would want to do such a thing to her.

Sgt John Hynes said that he launched an investigation after the distraught woman contacted the gardai.

The website was based in Buenos Aires and immediately agreed to take down the items as they were in breech of their rules.

However, they are still unable to take down a rating system which website users awarded to each person who posted their profiles seeking sexual partners.

Sgt Hynes told Judge Tony Hunt that he traced the IP address used to a dwelling in Carrick-on-Shannon but the woman living there knew nothing about items being posted on the adult website from that address.

The victim did not know the woman living at the address but then recognised the woman's partner, Paul Monaghan, as she had gone out with him briefly for about two months around 2004.

Sgt Hynes said that Monaghan, from Cartron, Kilrooskey, Co Roscommon, was questioned and admitted posting the vile items about the woman over an eight-month period in 2011.

Monaghan could not offer an explanation for his actions but said he was unemployed at the time and was drinking a lot.

The victim told how she couldn't believe that Monaghan, a 34-year-old who now works with the Leitrim Development Company, would do this to her.

The victim read an impact statement which outlined how her life had been ruined.

She said life was good up to October 2011, she had worked hard in her career as a childcare worker and had been given a new role. She loved her work, she was outgoing, she was happy with her life and had great plans.

But the degrading action of one ex-boyfriend changed all that. "He stole my good name ... and he has no remorse whatsoever," she said.

She would not accept it was a reckless action, it had gone on for eight months and it was designed to cause the maximum damage to her.

Monaghan, who offered €10,000 in compensation, did not give any motive for his crime but told Sgt Hynes he was disgusted by what he did.


John Monaghan, a garda stationed in Dublin, gave a character reference for his brother.

He said that the Monaghan family wanted to apologise for what Paul Monaghan had done.

Judge Hunt said he hoped the woman could resume her life again, 'albeit battered and bruised', and that people will see she was the innocent victim.

"No fair-minded person is going to believe this stuff on the internet. I hope you can put it all back together," he said.

Judge Hunt remanded Monaghan on continuing bail for sentencing next week and ordered him to have no contact with the victim.