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Woman who walked into shop shutter wins €17.5k

A WOMAN who injured her face when she walked into a shopfront shutter has been awarded €17,500 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

Garret Baker, for Yvonne McEvoy, said that as she left a newsagents just before closing time in Liffey Valley shopping centre she had not been warned that the shutter had been lowered almost half way.

Ms McEvoy (42) of Greenfort Avenue, Clondalkin, Dublin, said she had gone into Tuthills Newsagents in October 2010. As she left the store, her attention had been drawn to Hallowe'en special offers.

Suddenly she struck her face against the shutter, which had not been lowered prior to her having entered the shop and she did not hear a staff member who allegedly issued a warning to watch out for it.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane said the shutter had been negligently lowered while there were customers still in the shop and Ms McEvoy had suffered a very nasty bang to her face.