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Woman lay down on street in protest

AN OUT-of-work computer technician was arrested for her own safety after she lay down on a road having been refused admittance to a hotel.

Ashling Swan (35) was "out of her mind" on a mixture of alcohol and medication during the incident on a south Dublin Street.

Judge Victor Blake fined her €200 at Dublin District Court after she admitted a public order charge.

Swan, of Wainsfort Avenue, Terenure, pleaded guilty to public intoxication at Mespil Road, Dublin 4 on June 14.


The court heard gardai received a report of an intoxicated woman who went to the Mespil hotel at 4.50am.

Gardai found her at the door of the hotel, where she was "of the opinion she was staying".

Garda Eoghan Byrne said that, when she was told by staff that this was not the case, she walked out into the middle of Mespil Road and lay down.

On the night in question, Swan had been mixing the medication she was on with alcohol.

She had developed a pattern of doing this because it "bolstered her confidence", her solicitor, Peter Keatings, said.

She was going to tell her doctor about this at her next appointment.

Swan had worked as a computer technician, but lost that job in her early 20s. She was now on disability benefit.


"On the night in question, she was out of her mind, basically," Mr Keatings said.

"She is hoping this will never happen again once she addresses the subject of mixing alcohol with medication. She doesn't present as someone who wants the world to take pity on her for her problems."

The court heard Swan had seven previous convictions for the same offences between 2003 and 2012.

The last time she was in court, she was put on a probation bond for two counts of public drunkenness.