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Woman in car which drove over friend 'didn't know it was stolen'


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A call centre worker who was a passenger in a car which drove over a friend claimed she had no idea the vehicle was stolen.

Lindsay Jordan (23) said she only met the driver the night before, and he told her the car belonged to his friend's mother.

She said once she knew it was stolen, she "begged" him to let her out, but he refused to do so.


Jordan, of Kilmahuddrick Road, Clondalkin, was found guilty at Tallaght District Court of being a passenger in a stolen car at Fortunestown Lane, Tallaght, in February.

Judge Patricia McNamara adjourned sentencing.

Garda Robert Whitty said he was observing a checkpoint when he saw a Hyundai I30 make a U-turn on the road.

He indicated for the car to stop but it failed to do so and he pursued it through Tallaght.

At one stage, a rear-seat passenger tried to jump out but got caught under the rear wheel of the car and it ran over her hip, before she ran off.


He followed the car up Mount Seskin Road, where the driver lost control and crashed.

He said Jordan was a front seat passenger. She claimed she only realised the car was stolen after it evaded the checkpoint.

In text messages read out in court, she asked the driver if the car was stolen. He said it was, but then said it was "not a rob job". She said she was worried about her friend and would not have gone out in the car if she had known it was stolen.

Judge McNamara said Jordan must have had "some inkling" the car was stolen.