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Woman hurt as hairdresser flung pub glass

A YOUNG hairdresser who slashed another woman's nose with a glass when she flung it across a crowded pub has avoided a conviction for assault.

Carol Keogh (26) hit the victim accidentally when she threw the glass at a group of people who were "calling her names" during a disturbance.

A judge has left her without a criminal record after she paid €750 in compensation to the victim.

Dublin District Court heard the assault was out of character and followed a night when she had been drinking both vodka and wine.

Keogh, a mother-of-one of Gortbeg Avenue, Finglas South pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court to assault causing harm to Elaine Sheridan.

The incident happened at the Full Shilling Pub in Finglas Village on July 13, 2008.

Garda Ciara O'Sullivan told the court previously the accused had co-operated with gardai following the incident.

Ms Sheridan had required stitches to the bridge of her nose after she was struck.

Defence Barrister Aoife O'Leary had told the court in mitigation that Keogh had been upset at the time because someone she knew had committed suicide the week before.

On the night of the incident, a man she knew was being removed from the pub and a group of people began calling her names.

"She had the glass in her hand and she made the split-second decision to throw the glass," Ms O'Leary had explained.

"It hit this lady who was in the bar. She is quite shocked by what occurred."

Judge Catherine Murphy applied the Probation of Offenders Act.