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Woman hit shop guard in face in race attack

A WOMAN slapped a shop security guard in the face and called him a "black n***er" after he told a sales assistant that she was barred.

Elaine Farrell (36) carried out "a racially motivated assault" on the man when she slapped him and broke his mobile phone, a judge said.

Judge James McDonnell said there would be "no wishy washy outcome" to the case, telling Farrell her behaviour would not be tolerated.

Farrell, of Donomore Crescent in Tallaght, had €1,000 in court for the victim, and said she accepted her behaviour was totally wrong.

She had previously admitted to assault, threatening and abusive behaviour and to damaging two cans of lager at Centra, Killinarden. The matter was before Tallaght District Court for a pre-sentence report.


Judge McDonnell further adjourned the matter, telling Farrell she needed to deal with her drink problem.

The court had heard that on January 24 last Farrell tried to buy lager but the security guard said she was barred for verbally abusing staff.

Farrell threw the cans behind the counter, slapped the security guard in the face, and broke his mobile phone.

She also called him "a black n***er", an insult she repeated in front of gardai.

The judge said the assault was "racially motivated", and warned Farrell, "cure yourself or go to jail".

Sentencing was adjourned to a date in October.