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Woman demanded to be seen by Catholic doctor in garda station


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A woman arrested for threatening behaviour in a garda station refused to see a GP, say- ing he was Muslim and she wanted "an Irish Catholic doctor".

The doctor had been called after gardai became concerned about Bernadette Maguire (58), who was taken into custody for screaming while making a complaint about an assault.

Judge Ann Ryan fined her €100.

Maguire, of Fairview Strand, pleaded not guilty to threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

Gda Jason Reilly said he was on duty in the public office at Clontarf Garda Station at 7.20am on July 30 last year.

Maguire came in screaming and shouting and said she had been assaulted earlier by a man.

She left the station, stopped a car on the Clontarf Road and continued to scream and shout.

Gda Reilly went out to remove her from the road for her own safety and she shouted at him, screaming as she was put into a cell. A doctor came to examine her.


"She refused to see the doctor, saying he was a Muslim doctor and she wanted to see an Irish Catholic doctor," Gda Reilly said.

When she gave evidence, Maguire repeatedly said the garda was "a liar."

She said she had been assaulted and demanded that the man responsible be arrested. Two gardai had called out but had not arrested him, she said.

In the station, she said she was surrounded by five or six gardai and never got a chance to go back outside.

She had been arrested on "trumped-up charges", she said.

"I asked for a Catholic priest," she said, adding that she had a "right to a Catholic priest because I was distressed."

She accepted she was "very upset" but denied using bad language.

"I wasn't being abusive, I was being direct, not threatening or abusive to anybody," she said.

The accused, who was on disability allowance, was a woman who was "very forceful in her opinions", her lawyer said.

Judge Ryan said that but for the intervention of gardai, something much worse could have happened when Maguire ran out in front of traffic.

She dismissed a related charge of public intoxication, saying there was no evidence of this.