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woman cleared of theft OF €1,800 TOILET FITTINGS

A WOMAN has been cleared of stealing €1,800 of toilet fittings from a bathroom store after gardai found the goods in a search of her home.

Donna Grey (35) said she bought the items from a man who may have been pretending to be the shopkeeper while the real one was on a break.

Judge Ann Watkin dismissed the case against Ms Grey at Dublin District Court after ruling that there was no evidence she had taken the goods.

Ms Grey pleaded not guilty to theft over the incident at Bathroom Invaders, Edenmore Shopping Centre, Raheny, on June 4, 2013.

The owner, Michael Walsh, told the court that after he came back from a break, the goods had gone from a gated area beside the showroom.

Garda David Egan said he carried out enquiries and searched the accused's home at St Berach's Place, Kilbarrack, under warrant later that day.

The front door was open and nobody was in the house, but a number of bathroom supplies were recovered that had been reported stolen.

These included a €285 toilet cistern cover.

The garda left a calling card and the accused later contacted him and was subsequently interviewed.


She told the garda she had been approached by a man who she did not know and asked if she wanted to buy the supplies for €250, which she did before taking them home.

Reading the memo of interview, Judge Watkin said the accused was saying somebody sold the supplies to her at the store.

However, she "hasn't made it clear whether the man pretended" he was the owner.

"The story might not make a lot of sense but there is no evidence that the defendant took it", the judge said, dismissing the charge.