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Woman caught with heroin in her underwear

A WOMAN who was found with €2,500 worth of heroin in her underwear is to be sentenced later at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Patricia Mulraney (32) of Knockmore Crescent, Tallaght, was later beaten up by a dealer in retaliation for losing the drugs.

Judge Tony Hunt noted she had received a string of suspended sentences for previous offences but told her that her "options are still open" while remanding her on bail until July.

Mulraney pleaded guilty to possession of 12.5g of heroin, valued at the time at just under €2,500, at her home on May 23, 2008.

Garda Declan O'Sullivan told prosecuting counsel, Martina Baxter, that he and his colleagues searched Mulraney's house after receiving a confidential tip-off. They found her coming out of a bedroom and she was searched by a female garda.

She had the heroin, wrapped in individual packages, hidden in her underwear. She said she had been given the drugs a few hours before and told to mind them until later. She said she was to be given some heroin in return.

Gda O'Sullivan accepted that she was not a drug dealer and was making no profit from holding on to the heroin. He added Mulraney was beaten up shortly afterwards as a result of the seizure.

Mulraney said she smoked heroin twice a week and was on a methadone programme. However she denied that she was an addict. She has 21 previous convictions including drugs possession, failing to appear in court and weapons possession.

Defence counsel Geraldine Small said Mulraney suffered from serious respiratory problems and led a chaotic lifestyle.